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Our case sealers keep cases square. Learn how!
Our case sealers do not jam. Learn why!
What sealing method makes the most sense for you? View chart!

Tape or Hot Melt

Both do a great job. Many believe the convenience and ease of tape sealing overcome higher material costs and the interruptions to replenish the tape supply. Hot melt, on the other hand, offsets its larger capital cost with lower materials cost and the advantage of hot melt supply replenishment without stopping the machine.

Lantech Case Sealers Keep Cases Square

Controlling the case throughout the sealing process is the secret to keeping the case square.

Lantech case sealers establish control immediately with adjustable infeed guides that introduce the case into spring-loaded side belts which move in or out to compensate for minor differences in case widths.

The side belts hold the case firmly and transport it through the case sealer. Rollers support the bottom of the case and carry it smoothly through flap folding and sealing.

Our 2 stage front flap folding system first ensures the leading top flap folds at the score line. Stage2 folds the flap perpendicular to the case walls so the top side flaps will be horizontal when they are closed.

The trailing top flap is precisely folded and a plow forces the top side flaps to be horizontal and holds them so they are sealed in that position.

Lantech case sealers preserve the effort and investment you have made in erecting a square case and packing it properly.
Lantech Case Sealers Do Not Jam

Thoughtful and refined machine design, combined with extensive real world experience, are key factors in developing case sealers that do not jam. Our machines carefully manage and control cases as they move through the flap folding and sealing processes.

Adjustable infeed guides establish control of the case as it enters the case sealer and introduce it to the side belts which transport it through top flap folding and sealing. The side belts automatically move in or out to adjust for any differences in case widths, eliminating a potential cause of jams.

Also, case bottoms are supported by a roller system in the body of the case sealer that reduces resistance and helps the case move smoothly through flap folding and sealing.

Folding the leading top flap the case is divided into two stages: stage 1 absorbs the shock of the impact of the flap with the machine by using a plow to partially fold it at the score line. Stage 2 uses an exactly timed folding arm to finish folding the flap into a horizontal position.

A folding arm that is precisely timed to fold the flap at exactly the right moment also folds the trailing top flap. Once the plow folds the top side flaps, it forces them to stay horizontal as they are sealed.

Controlled entry by the infeed guides, controlled transport by the side belts, reduced friction provided by the rollers, perfectly timed closing and management of the top flaps as they are sealed are the key reasons why Lantech case erectors prevent jams.

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