Eliminate Costly Disruptive
Film Breaks!
Eliminates Film Breaks Due
To Clamp Failure!
Wrapping Performance
Feedback In Real Time!
Lock Your Load To The Pallet! Keep Your Drivers on the
Fork Truck!

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   Machine Generated Performance Data

Our Machine Generated Performance Data has built in process controls to provide detailed wrap and production data.

Wrap data:
• Know your containment force on every load, every day!
• Load containment profile
• Minimum containment force
• Film weight
• Number of film revolutions

Production data:
• Get detailed productivity reports to floor personnel or, via Ethernet, to a central monitoring system.
• Loads wrapped per hour, shift, day, week and month
• Stoppages for starvation or blockage
• Number of film breaks
• Plus a host of other key metrics

Included on SL, QL, and RL Automatics
   Metered Film Delivery System  (Patented)
• Minimizes film breaks

• 2X increase in wrap force without crushing
   or twisting

• Reduces film cost

• No performance tweaking

Exclusively on SL, QL, and RL Stretch Wrappers
   Load Seeking Clamp 4.0  (Patent Pending)

• Holds film 5 times tighter than conventional clamps

• Tighter base wraps

• More consistent wrap performance

• Wide open access

Standard on SL Automatics
Upgrades for other models available soon

   Pallet-Grip® prevents load shifting off pallet (Patented)

• Lock your load to the pallet with a rolled cable of film

• Rolled cable is driven down to position just below upper deck of pallet

Pallet-Grip Q&A

Pallet-Grip - The
Forgotten Piece

Reducing Risk
with Pallet-Grip

Available on all Lantech Stretch Wrappers

   XT 4.0 Module  (Patented)

Simple Automation™ that thrives in tough work places

• No preventative maintenance program
• Low training requirements
• Low profile, protected design
• Positioned in out of the way location
• E-Z clean hinged base frame
• All mechanical with no air requirements

Available now on these models:
• Lantech Q-300XT & Q-400XT Stretch Wrappers
• Lantech S-300XT Stretch Wrapper
• Lantech Q-300XT Plus Stretch Wrapper