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Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

A broad selection of turntable and straddle stretch wrappers to meet even the most demanding stretch wrapping or pallet wrapping requirements.

Lantech stretch wrappers are renowned for their versatility, safety, ease of use, and reliability.
Lantech Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers


Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrap up to 200 loads per hour with Lantech turntable, straddle, or ring straddle stretch wrappers

Exclusive LeanWrap™ technology delivers major stretch wrapping quality improvements and performance levels never before possible.
Lantech Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Pallet Wrapping Machine from Lantech, Inc.

For the safest and most efficient pallet wrapping machine in the industry, turn to Lantech, Inc. We have been pioneering developments in stretch wrapping equipment since 1972 and apply our more than 40 years of experience towards every machine that we manufacture. We are continually reengineering our products so they are the most advanced on the market. Our pallet wrapping equipment features LeanWrap™ Technology, a patented series of innovations that make them more productive and dependable than pallet wrappers from any other company.

Our automatic and semiautomatic stretch wrapping machine systems include the following features:
• Metered Film Delivery™ system, which provides the proper containment force while preventing load twisting or crushing, and eliminates film breaks
• Pallet Grip® dispenses a durable cable of stretch film to lock loads onto pallets
• Machine-generated performance data tells how well the load has been wrapped and tracks vitals such as availability, time blocked, time starved, number of loads wrapped, and more critical information
• Load-Seeking Clamp 4.0 reduces film breakages and maintains the optimal amount of containment force at the load’s base
• XT 4.0 Cut and Clamp can be found on smaller stretch wrappers so drivers can stay on their fork trucks

Additionally, our pallet wrap machines are covered by an exclusion-free warranty that protects your investment and provides added peace of mind. You can rest assured that we will always offer the help you need when you need it, because our expert technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide outstanding support services.

Contact Lantech today for more information about our pallet wrapping machine options.

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