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Shrink Wrapping Equipment for Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities Nationwide

Improve the efficiency of your shrink wrapping operations with shrink tunnels from Lantech, Inc. with more than 40 years experience and as a pioneer in the industry, we can provide an innovative solution that will save your company time and money. Our shrink wrap equipment is well suited to handle virtually any demand, whether you run a local candy shop and need to wrap a dozen small gift baskets every day or oversee a national media distribution center that packages several thousand DVDs and CDs every hour. Our shrink tunnels feature a soft convection process that completely and consistently immerses the shrink packaging in a bubble of hot air to virtually eliminate dog ears, wrinkles, and burn outs. Plus, our shrink wrapping equipment is designed for reliable, long-term operation, so you can be confident that our machines will keep running smoothly even during high-peak, long-duration operations. Additionally, our shrink tunnels come with a highly intuitive control system that allows the operator to easily make adjustments during the wrapping process, ensuring each package is wrapped properly.

Our shrink wrapping tunnels come in two models:
• ST-700 – 3 heating zones and up to 70 FPM
• ST-900 – 4 heating zones and up to 90 FPM

Shrink Tunnel

No matter which Lantech shrink tunnel you choose, you will receive our exclusion-free warranty and access to expert technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today for more information about our shrink wrapping equipment or any of our other products, including box machine options and case sealers.


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