Are You Focused on Delivery Damage?

Posted by Kelly Wathen

No matter what kind of product you make, packaging and shipping are crucial steps with big impacts. You produced your product yourself and enthusiastically brought it to market, but how can you get it to your client in one piece? We’ve had years of experience packing and protecting—it is our goal to get your product from A to B without a scratch. Square packing is one of our best kept secrets...

Damage Down, Margins Up

delivery_damage.jpgShipping their products is often a great source of irritation for producers. Something can always go wrong, the ruined product will be delivered to the client, and ultimately they will not make any money. Many businesses calculate a loss of one to two percent in advance, which has an impact on the margins. But why? Why not focus on perfect packaging and protection and making sure your precious cargo makes it to your customer in excellent condition? By limiting the damage during shipping, the margins will keep going up.

Square Cases

It might sound a bit strange, but damage-free delivery begins with the secondary packaging.  The function of the case is to provide maximum protection during transport. For this reason, it is of substantial importance that the case be constructed in a square way, meaning that all the angles must be 90 degrees. This prevents the products from immediately moving around and from being damaged during the packing process.

After the case has been loaded, it is closed at right angles. If the closed edges of the case are not completely perpendicular, the corners of the cases will not rest on each other, which reduces the load strength of the pallet and can cause the cases to collapse.

Loading the Pallet

The cases must be correctly piled onto the pallet to achieve the maximum load strength. Everything must fit within the footprint of the pallet: no boxes sticking out means there will be no crushed corners. If the pallet is then wrapped with adequate containment force at the top, middle and bottom of the load, the cases with your valuable products inside will receive maximum protection during shipping.

Not sure how to correctly load or stretch wrap your pallets? Check out the 3 Keys to Effective Stretch Wrapping and How to Anchor a Pallet Load for a crash course in stretch wrapping.

Packing is the Essence

When these safeguarded cases arrive at distribution centers and shops, they look wonderful and the cargo is undamaged. It should not be underestimated how essential packing is and that goes for the secondary packaging as well, which is specific to the shipping process. Packing is something we know a lot about and we look forward to helping you get your product from A to B, damage-free.

Five Steps to Square Cases and No Jams

This post was published on May 9, 2017 and updated on May 9, 2017.

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