Easy Way to Reduce the Risk of Load Damage

Posted by Paul Stewart

Loads Sliding Off Their Pallets Are a Big Cause of Damage!

Millions of loads slide off their pallets during shipment each year causing billions of dollars of damage and waste. This happens because the loads aren't adequately bonded to their pallets.

Pallet Grip® Fixes The Problem.Pallet rolls up and drives down

Pallet Grip stops loads from sliding off their pallets and getting damaged during shipment. It rolls up the bottom three to five inches of the stretch wrapper’s film web into a tight 'film cable' during the last part of the stretch wrapper's wrap cycle and drives it down onto the pallet about an inch below its deck.

Our research shows that the film cable effectively "locks" the load to the pallet and does a much better job than 'regular roping,' which bunches the bottom of the film web into an accordion-like rope.

Pallet Grip works better than “regular roping” because It's hard to position the regular rope just where you want it on the pallet – high enough to keep from being punctured by pallet jack or fork truck forks and low enough to secure the load to the pallet. Regular roping also tends to unbunch during the stress of shipment, which seriously reduces its effectiveness.

Lock Every Load to Its Pallet 

A good rule of thumb is that every load that ships on a pallet should be locked to it with Pallet Grip. There are some cautions to observe, however. If a pallet is shorter than four inches or the load is more than four inches inboard or two inches outboard, Pallet Grip's effectiveness may be limited.

Avoid Needless Risk

There's more than enough risk to go around in today's world. Why take chances with your loads when there's an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to improve their chances of arriving safely at their destinations?

Oh, by the way, the US Patent Office recognized the uniqueness of Pallet Grip with Patent No: US 7,568,327 R2."

See Pallet Grip in action or browse here to learn more about stretch wrapping.

This post was published on November 8, 2012 and updated on March 18, 2019.

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