A Look Into Pack Expo From A New Perspective

Posted by Kelly Wathen

Pack Expo Lantech Stretch Wrapper The bottom of each Pack Expo attendees’ badge was marked by a color-coded strip. Blue meant you were an exhibitor, khaki indicated you were a supplier, and red a guest. Mine should have been green, green as in brand spanking new.

Last week was full of firsts for me. I started my first job in the packaging industry, and just a few days later Lantech whisked me off to Las Vegas to attend my first trade show, Pack Expo. Wow! These things are a lot of hard work! I had no idea that you can actually feel nauseous from the pain of wearing heels for three days!

But on a more serious note, I also had no idea of how in awe I would be walking into a convention center housing over 27,500 people and 1,750 exhibits of packaging products, or how proud I would be to work for a company that takes so much pride in what it does.

The halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center were lined with stark white booths, displaying products ranging from package printing machines to robotic arms stamping products along a conveyer. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. Some of these “booths” had more square feet than my house! Reserving all loyalty, I have to say the booth that stood out the most was Lantech’s, with its cool blue ambiance, variety of machines, and knowledgeable, welcoming people.

stretch wrapper lantech pack expoWe brought in several hundred sales leads and generated a lot of interest from passersby. Watching all of this with a fresh pair of eyes, it seemed as if everyone (including our competition) wanted to stop by and see what was new at the Lantech booth. I even had the opportunity to speak with customers who just wanted to stop by to let us know how much their business has improved since purchasing a Lantech machine. It was then I realized the brains behind Lantech don’t just create products to sell, they create business solutions.

 “It’s why we do what we do that’s important,” a simple sentence my team leader shared with me that will forever define Lantech as a company. While others are chasing the competition, Lantech is looking for opportunities to solve packaging problems for their customers. The big blue mast on a Lantech machine isn’t just applying film to a stack of boxes, it’s a symbol of strength, giving its users peace of mind knowing their product will reach its final destination without damage.

To the entire crew who arrived in Vegas early to set up and who stayed after the show to tear it down, and everyone who participated in the execution and planning of Lantech’s booth, hats off to you. You did an amazing job!

One thing I have learned since starting at Lantech is the importance of containment force and the consequences of a poorly wrapped load. The picture above is me demonstrating the power or containment force, unfortunately in front of thousands of people...I think it must be some kind of initiation.

To learn more about containment force follow the link below.

Download the Containment Force Recommendations Chart 

For more information, you can contact us on our website or call us at (502) 815-9109.

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This post was published on October 2, 2013 and updated on August 8, 2017.

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