NEW Case Study: Managing Operating Costs and Potential Labor Shortages in the Healthcare Product Industry

Posted by Sara Mulkey

Manufacturers and distributors of health care products are an essential link in the healthcare supply chain.  Now more than ever, identifying and preventing possible disruptions is crucial.  Adding the right automation not only helps reduce supply chain disruptions, but also allows these essential businesses to have control of their operating costs and potential labor shortages when meeting increased production demand. 

HC CS EnglishIn 2013, a prominent, global healthcare products company was preparing to add a new production line of bedpans.   They started searching for automated solutions with two goals in mind; the first was to reduce operating costs, and the second - in keeping with their social responsibility initiatives - was to reduce ergonomic risks inherent when hand-erecting cases during the packaging process. 

Their search led them to Optima Nonwovens, a trusted systems partner of Lantech and a technological leader in hygienic packaging.  Optima’s fully automated solution, which incorporated Lantech case equipment, saved the company $68,000 in operating costs and eliminated ergonomic risks for the workers on the line. 

After seeing the savings and benefits by switching to automation, they went on to purchase nine more Lantech case erectors for existing lines and duplicated the fully automated packaging line for another new product in 2017, reducing their operating costs by $750,000 per year. 

You can read more about this company’s experience in our new Healthcare Industry Case Study below.  You can also download our free Case Calculator to see how much you are losing annually by hand erecting cases. 

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This post was published on April 20, 2020 and updated on April 20, 2020.

Topics: Supply Chain, Case Equipment, Case Erector, total control system, ergonomics, case handling

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