Stretch Film Calculator: How Much Can Automation Save You?

Posted by Allison Myers

stretch wrap calculatorWe know that sometimes we come down pretty hard on stretch wrapping by hand. We’ve often said that hand wrapping is labor intensive and time consuming (which is true), but if you’ve ever found yourself wondering just how much labor waste you can eliminate from your stretch wrapping process, we have an answer.

The Power of Simple Automation

How much of an impact automation can have on your labor costs is going to be in direct proportion to the scale of your operations. If you are only hand wrapping one or two loads a day, then (all cards on the table) automation isn’t going to make that much of a dent in your bottom line.

If you are wrapping a lot of loads a day, however, then automation can make a big difference.

Today’s semi-automatic stretch wrappers can include time-saving features that will free your people up for more important tasks and save you money.

For example, a machine that automatically attaches the film to the load and cuts the film at the end of the wrap cycle saves about 2 minutes per load, compared to an employee climbing off and back on a forklift. 

We often run into warehouse managers that have been getting by with hand wrapping loads (at all sizes of operations) for years. They know how hand wrapping works and they know how much it costs. To help put the benefits of automation into concrete terms, it is useful to calculate the saving of automation in actual dollars and cents.

The Stretch Wrap Calculator

That’s where our stretch wrap calculator comes into the picture. You can download our free calculator right now and plug in your actual numbers.

How much is your labor rate? How many loads do you wrap a day?

With the calculator you can get a picture of how much automation could be saving you. You can get the calculator by clicking on the link below. 

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This post was published on August 9, 2016 and updated on August 30, 2016.

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