Forklift vs. Pallet Jack - Your Stretch Wrapper Needs to Answer "Yes"

Posted by Allison Myers

Spec'ing a stretch wrapper for your requirements

You're thinking about buying, replacing or upgrading a stretch wrapper. One of the first and most fundamental questions you always ask is, "how will it be loaded - with a forklift or a pallet jack?"

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Topics: Stretch Wrapping, Lean Operations, Operational Efficiency, Labor Savings

A Plant Manager’s Guide to Stretch Wrap Equipment and Savings

Posted by Whitney Morris

When searching for the perfect stretch wrapper, you’re likely faced with an overwhelming amount of machine choices. For a lot of people, it’s important to buy a high-quality machine. High quality means the machine is safe, easy-to-use and requires minimal maintenance. But people shouldn't forget about getting the most value out of a machine and the features that make it efficient. 

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Topics: Pallet-Grip, XT Cut & Clamp, Stretch Film, Stretch Wrapping, EZ Weigh, Labor Savings

3 Tips to Lower Freight Shipping Costs Before the Load Leaves the Dock

Posted by Whitney Morris

The cost of labor continues to rise. This year, U.S. labor costs had its largest increase in more than five years.

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Topics: Stretch Wrapping, EZ Weigh, Freight, Stretch Film Cost, Labor Savings

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