LTL and long-haul truck driving jobs - short, medium & long term outlooks

Posted by Shea Sutherland

This is a guest post from Ed Marsh of Consilium Global Business Advisors.

Trucks move America

Trucks carry most of the tonnage and value of freight in the United States....In 2011 nearly 14,530 miles of the NHS carry more than 8,500 trucks per day on sections where at least every fourth vehicle was a truck.  With each truck carrying an average of 16 tons of cargo, 8,500 trucks per day haul approximately 50 million tons per year. US Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Trucks are fundamental to American commerce and consumerism. Even the vast quantities of product moved by barge and rail are ultimately delivered to the point of sale or use by trucks.

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Cutting Logistics Costs in Worldwide Operations

Posted by Kelly Wathen

There are many business-to-business operations that exist today with a global presence, either in operational locations or by customers served. But the expanding geographic reach of so many businesses has greatly complicated logistics networks.

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Go for the Gold in the Shipping Olympics

Posted by Allison Myers

If you've ever taken a golf or skiing vacation, you know how difficult it is to get your clubs or skis through baggage claim and to your final destination.

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