6 Trends in Supply Chain Management & Distribution You Might Not Know

Posted by Kelly Wathen

Supply chain management and distribution generally stay the course for a while and don’t undergo serious changes very often. Of course one of the largest trends was the adoption of the computer, to catalog and keep track of where everything is and where everything was going. That was beyond huge and that trend, to implement computers, literally changed the industry as it was known.

Well, here are some trends we've been following on the Cerasis  blog to look out for in the future that have the potential to make big changes that businesses should keep an eye on.

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Supply Chain Security: The Unrecognized Value of Stretch Wrapping

Posted by Allison Myers

Theft deterrence & detection - The unrecognized value of stretch wrapping

You've probably trained your receiving team well. When a shipment arrives they carefully count the items and check for damage, and any observed damage is documented with photos and noted when they sign the bill of lading. Your customers follow a similar process, and for most CPG (consumer packaged goods) products this is entirely adequate.

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