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Lantech Gets Major Judgement in Patent Infringement Case

Posted by Frank McAllister on 1/21/19 11:02 AM

Louisville, KY -- Reverse-engineering, copying and modifying proprietary technology isn’t something that just plagues high-tech consumer goods industries. Even manufacturers in highly mechanized fields such as stretch wrapping machines are battling foreign and domestic challengers who “borrow” liberally from innovations that take years’ worth of R&D investment and development.

, the world’s leading manufacturer of stretch wrapping equipment, utilizes a sophisticated patent strategy to address these and other competitive threats. Not only does Lantech patent every engineering advance that it can, but also Lantech utilizes every legal means necessary and warranted to defend those patents and maintain its hard-earned reputation for providing customers with leading-edge technology and superior value.

That strategy proved successful this past fall.  After an arduous five-year battle through the CanadianRL-Straddle-Auto-Stretch court system, Lantech has successfully obtained a major judgement against its largest North American competitor, Wulftec International (a division of Maillis International S.A.), with respect to Lantech’s claim of infringement of its patented Metered Film Delivery System® with their Forced Anticipation Stretch Technology (FAST).

The language in the court order sends a clear and powerful message to anyone who might attempt to reverse-engineer, copy or modify Lantech proprietary innovations:

“The defendant (Wulftec)… is permanently restrained and enjoined from infringing... on any of the Asserted Claims including by the manufacture, use and/or sale of stretch wrappers or stretch wrapping systems with any FAST technology.”

The willingness of Lantech to wage a five-year battle through the Canadian court system shows the length to which the company will go to protect its intellectual property and assets. CEO Jim Lancaster sees long-term benefits to this strategic decision: “Patenting our technology and defending those patents allows us to create unique products and services that add value for our customers and creates preference for our products. This calculated investment ensures continued growth for our company and job security for our employees extending decades into the future.”


Lantech has a long and successful history of innovation, from the invention of stretch wrapping back in 1972 to it becoming the dominant technology used today for bundling goods and shipping them all across the globe.  The company currently holds 144 US patents related to this technology, with another 25 in the review process.


In 1972, Lantech, LLC invented stretch wrap equipment and changed the way the world packages and protects goods as they move about the planet. Billions of pallet loads are stretch wrapped every year. Although Lantech has expanded the product line with case erectors and sealers, it all centers around the same mission – helping customers ship products so they reach their destinations without damage in the same condition they were in when they left.

Based in Jeffersontown, KY, Lantech is involved with manufacturing skills training and community support programs. It contributes millions of dollars to the local economy and employs 575 associates globally with over 400 at its factory and headquarters in the Bluegrass Industrial Park here in Louisville. For specifics regarding the court order or additional information about Lantech products and job opportunities, visit Lantech.com or email Frank McAllister at frankm@lantech.com.

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