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Lantech Publishes New Guide: How To Buy the Right Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Posted by Kelly Wathen on 5/3/15 7:00 AM

Louisville, Ky. – Stretch wrapper manufacturer Lantech, LLC has released a new eBook, Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide: 6 Real World Tips for Today’s Procurement Teams from the Front Office to the Back.

When the search for the perfect stretch wrapper is over, people hope to have made the best buying decision. This eBook helps readers understand that machines aren’t created equal. Most people find value in easy-to-operate machines and those capable of consistently creating safe-to-ship loads.


Shipping supervisors, plant managers and general managers will benefit from learning the fundamentals of a sound buying strategy. Specifically,

The Semi-Automatic Buying Guide covers these topics:

  • Objectives of stretch wrapping
  • Good stretch wrapping techniques
  • Retrofitting a machine in the field
  • Productivity-enhancing features
  • Ease of use and safety

 The eBook’s eight-page appendix includes:

  • A checklist for maintenance managers
  • Best practice operating tips for semi-automatic stretch wrappers
  • Semi-automatic stretch wrapper FAQs
  • What everyone has forgotten about stretch wrapping

Click here to download the eBook for free.

About Lantech:

In 1972, Lantech, LLC invented the stretch wrapper and changed the way the world packages and protects its goods as they move about the planet. Billions of pallet loads are stretch wrapped are every year.

Although we’ve expanded our product line with case erectors and sealers, our mission remains the same – to help our customers ship their products so they reach their destinations in the same condition they were in when they left – and at the lowest cost.

For more information, visit Lantech.com or call Kelly Wathen at 502-815-9267.

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