qw33 Career Opportunities - Lantech | Region 2

What makes Lantech a better place to work?

Lantech commits ourselves to making an ongoing investment in new hires – associates that are worth investing our time and money in. Our aim is always to work towards associate growth so each person becomes a vital part of our collective future as we expand across the global marketplace. Each person adds value for our customers – and Lantech adds value to each person as a team member.

One of the 5 key pillars at Lantech is People Development. This is as every bit as critical to our success as being the product category leader and continuously seeking out new ways of delivering added value to our customers. It reads, in part: “Energize associates by providing valuable work – intentionally develop associates skills through experience-based learning.”

The key attribute we look for in a new employee is a willingness to learn and constantly improve. We provide the opportunity, you provide the curiosity and initiative – and every day, everyone grows individually as we grow our business. Our core values state that “involvement builds commitment” and that “individual’s contributions make the difference.”