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Work Smarter, Not Harder with the XT

Keep your Drivers
on their Forklifts

Switching to a semi-automatic stretch wrapper with increased automation can help you with your
everyday problems.

Reduce Labor Costs


  • Labor required per load is reduced by an average of 2 minutes for most users.
  • Typical customers save about $50,000 in 5 years.

Reduce Employee Injury


  • Repetitive pulling and bending to attach or cut film can increase the risk of back injuries.

  • Getting on and off forklifts mulitple times can increase the risk of injury to the foot and ankle. 

Increase Productivity


  • Let the machine do the work so people don't have to.
  • Instead of standing next to the machine as it wraps, operators can perform other tasks like fetching another load or loading a truck.
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Design Benefits of the XT Cut & Clamp® 5.0

Design Benefits of the XT Cut & Clamp® 5.0
  • Completely mechanical - requries no air or electricity
  • Steel frame protects internal components
    from damage.
  • Internal components only come out of the
    steel frame when activated.
  • Mounted on the side of the turntable
    for greater visibility.
  • Easy to clean.

...and it's patented!

Real World Success Stories

Hard Cider
Hard Cider XT Cut and Clamp Case Study
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