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Q Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Q Semi-Automatic

Released in the 1990's, the
Q Semi-Automatic is the world's most popular stretch wrapper. Customizable for any load configuration.

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QL Semi-Automatic Touchscreen Stretch Wrapper

QL Semi-Automatic

Our most popular stretch wrapper bundled with our most popular options and enhanced with Load Guardian™ technology. The QL creates safe-to-ship loads, with smartphone-like simplicity. Only available in the US.

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See and compare all Q and QL models side-by-side. There are a variety of machines to choose from with different levels of automation and technology. 

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Pallet Grip® and Load Guardian™

What is the L-Series?

The L-Series is a family of stretch wrapping machines equipped with patented LeanWrap® features. This technology is only available through Lantech and is instrumental to creating and maintaining safe-to-ship loads.

LeanWrap features available on our semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment:

  • Pallet Grip® - 20 million loads slide off their pallet each year. Pallet Grip locks the load to the pallet with a rolled film cable to keep it from sliding off during shipment.

  • Load Guardian™ - NEW! Lantech's patented control system that creates, maintains and delivers the right containment force for safe-to-ship loads every time. It minimizes operator interaction and eliminates the guess work for stretch wrapping any load configuration. (Only available on QL400 & QL400XT.)
3 Things Stretch Wrapping Infographic

Wrapping Safe-to-Ship Loads

Stretch wrapping has become the standard way to unitize products for shipment. But, just because the load is wrapped and it's shiny, doesn't mean it's ready for the back of a truck. Without proper stretch wrapping, loads can fail during shipment, causing damage to the product and
damage to the brand.

It is estimated that ineffective stretch wrapping is responsible for $60 billion of waste each year, just in consumer product goods. Now, more
than ever, improving stretch wrapping processes, setting a standard and maintaining it is important in any shipping operation.

Three signs of a safe-to-ship load:

  1. There is enough containment force everywhere on the load.
  2. The load is locked to the pallet.
  3. There are no long or dragging film tails.


To learn more about effective stretch wrapping and other core packaging principals, visit our blog. 


XT Cut and Clamp®, EZ Weigh™, and Auto Film Cut-off®

Productivity Enhancing Options

XT Cut and Clamp® - Save 2 minutes of labor per load
by starting your stretch wrapper from a forklift.

EZ Weigh™ Integrated Scale - Eliminate double handling and build in quality control by wrapping and weighing at the same time.

Auto Film Cut-off® - Improve safety conditions and save 30 seconds of labor per load. 


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