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    Buying your first

    Stretch Wrapper

    We’ve designed this page to help you quickly develop both the buying criteria and buying process for your first stretch wrapper - and we’ve assumed that since it’s your first you’re probably not looking for an ultra high speed one. So this information focuses on our semi-automatic machines for applications of up to 80 loads per machine per shift. (Looking for higher speed? You’ll find details here, and some of the information below will still be applicable.)

    You probably have a team working on the project. You may be the main researcher, but often engineering, maintenance, finance and purchasing get involved. You’ll find information here to help answer the different questions they’ll have. And we’re always able to assist by phone. Our product specialists (they’re not sales people that will haunt you after you call) know the machines and applications. They’ll help you pull together everything you and your team need.

    We know that the 70,000 stretch wrappers we’ve made since we built the very first wrapping machine in 1972 don’t entitle us to your business. But we've learned a lot about helping companies find the right machine for their requirements and making the purchasing, commissioning, operations and support process efficient. So drawing on those lessons learned, we’ve included information on:

    1. Understanding your options
    2. Setting a planning budget
    3. Your main goals - reducing damage, increasing capacity or saving money
    4. Some industry specific solutions
    5. Lots of technical and transaction details

    We know some of our visitors would rather just talk to someone live - we’re here and happy to talk. Just call us at 502-815-9108.

    But if you want to do some of the research on your own, you can compare machines side by side here or check out this information we’ve pulled together for you.

    What's the Best Way to Stretch Wrap your Pallet Load?

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