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The EZ Weigh™
is your opportunity
to save money and
protect your brand.

More and more people are using the EZ Weigh to do more than just weigh product. Here are problem areas the EZ Weigh helps you solve. Do you experience any of these pain points?
Eliminate Files


  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) companies collect $1 billion annually in
    re-weigh fees.
  • Only pay what you owe.
  • Accurate weight from a scale helps calculate correct freight costs.
  • Avoid overestimating or underestimating weight.
Don't Waste


  • The EZ Weigh wraps and weighs your load at the same time.
  • You may waste between 30 seconds and 1.5 minutes double handling loads if you're not wrapping and weighing at the same time.
  • If you're double handling loads from a stretch wrapper to a platform scale, you may be losing $6,500 over the course of five years.
Protect Reputations


  • Weigh your product as the final step in your quality control process.
  • Verify the pick list weight against the weight measured from the scale.
  • Flag any variations from load to load.
  • Use records of weight to verify product arrived intact without pilferage.
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EZ Weigh ™ Integrated Scale on Q-300

EZ Weigh ™ Integrated Scale on Q-300

  • The low-profile design uses same footprint as standard Q-300 machine.
  • The scale is calibrated at our factory before shipment.
  • The scale indicator connects to computers and printers for easy data collection and labels.
  • New technology allows operators to use a smart phone app to send and receive scale data via a wireless module to and from the scale indicator.
Piggyback Concept

Piggyback Concept

The EZ Weigh “piggyback rides” on a stretch wrapper. The EZ Weigh requires no additional time, work or space to wrap and weigh at the same time. You can take advantage of this 2-in-1 idea.


What the EZ Weigh Looks Like

The low-profile design uses same footprint as standard Q-300 machine.


What 30 Seconds of Lost Time Looks Like

The average customer loses more than $8,000 over seven years when he moves loads from a stretch wrapper to a separate platform scale.

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