Equipment Can Keep Your People Safe AND Keep Your Products Safe

Posted by Sara Mulkey

As demand for food, beverage, household and healthcare items increase, essential businesses are ramping up production and implementing eCommerce solutions for online retail.  This becomes a greater challenge as manufacturers struggle with diminishing labor, and trying to maintain physical distancing between the workers they do have.

So how do they augment their production to match the rising demand?  Automation is key.   

In an article posted online in April by Beverage Industry, they discuss that one way essential manufacturers keep up with demand is to rely more on conveyors for faster, safer and sanitary production.  The article goes on to say, “With the unprecedented status of the manufacturing industry right now, product safety must not be sacrificed as a result of increased demands.”

Protecting your product is a must – no one can afford even one damaged load.  But let’s take that a step further.  Keeping your workers safe is just as crucial.  The right equipment can do both. 

For example, lets look at manual case erecting.  It can take 7 people to erect 30 cases per minute, by hand.  That same amount of cases can be erected by one automatic case erector, with one person feeding blanks into the magazine.  Adding automation can help you maintain social distancing in your warehouse, and allow you to allocate workers once relegated to repetitive, strenuous tasks, to more critical areas where the labor is needed most.  Furthermore, automation allows you to keep up with consumer demand without sacrificing the safety of your products. CASE ERECTOR_SAFE CAMPAIGN_572020_final3

To read more about how equipment can help you keep up with demand and keep your operators safe, download our recent case study for the Healthcare Product Industry below, or you can visit us at  

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This post was published on June 2, 2020 and updated on June 2, 2020.

Topics: Product Damage, Workplace Safety

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