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Explore Case Equipment

Case Erectors

Lantech Case Erectors deliver square cases, don’t jam and overcome common case manufacturing variations; choose the right erector for your application.

C-2000 Case Erector


Up to 25 cases per minute, accommodates larger case sizes, can be customized.

C-1000 Case Erector


Up to 30 cases per minute and can be customized to fit application needs.

C-400 Case Erector


Up to 8 cases per minute and can accommodate larger case sizes.

C-300 Case Erector


Up to 10 cases per minute and 
improve ergonomics.

CI-2000 Case Erector


20 Cases per minute with speed option

CI-1000 Case Erector


25 cases per minute with speed option

Case Sealers

Lantech Case Sealers handle all types of flutes, double wall and single wall, and most common case sizes; choose the right sealer for your application.

CS-1000 Case Sealer


Customizable control package and 
sealing methods.

CS-300 Case Sealer


Seal up to 30 cases per minute, tape only.