Case Erectors

Lantech Case Erectors deliver square cases, don’t jam and overcome common case manufacturing variations; choose the right erector for your application.

C-2000 Case Erector


Up to 25 cases per minute, accommodates larger case sizes, can be customized.

C-1000 Case Erector


Up to 30 cases per minute and can be customized to fit application needs.

C-400 Case Erector


Up to 8 cases per minute and can accommodate larger case sizes.

C-300 Case Erector


Up to 10 cases per minute and 
improve ergonomics.

Case Sealers

Lantech Case Sealers handle all types of flutes, double wall and single wall, and most common case sizes; choose the right sealer for your application.

CS-1000 Case Sealer


Customizable control package and 
sealing methods.

CS-300 Case Sealer


Seal up to 30 cases per minute, tape only.