Why Choose Lantech Stretch Wrappers


Don’t go down because of inadequate equipment. The unique straddle design allows you to wrap a wide variety of loads despite their contents or weight, giving you a safe-to-ship load every time.

Easy to Use

The machine’s simplistic design with single purpose knobs and buttons makes it easy to set up wrap patterns. And the EZ Thread™ Film Delivery System ensures film is loaded correctly every time.

24/7 Support

Our best-in-class warranty covers all components and unlimited cycles. Lantech’s knowledgeable team of technicians offer support 24/7 to get your machine back up and running fast.


The S Semi-Automatic stretch wrapper offers a variety of safety features. The emergency stop button, safety bumper, and the automatic stop at film breaks ensures your people are always protected.

Package Performance

There is no match to Lantech technology. Our solution driven equipment, record of patents, and packaging knowledge makes us the leaders of the industry for 50 years.

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