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    EZ Weigh Integrated Scale

    A Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Exclusive

    Wrap and weigh in one easy step!


    The EZ Weigh™ Integrated Scale is a smart addition to your stretch wrapper. Without adding any additional work to your stretch wrapping and shipping process, the EZ WeighIntegrated Scale can help you:

    • Eliminate expensive freight fines.
    • Stop wasting expensive labor.
    • Protect your reputation.

    Check every load for quality and freight costs. 

    The first thing to understand is the consequences of not weighing your loads.

    1. Less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers charge expensive re-weigh fines. To avoid these fines, you might overestimate the weight of your loads and overpay for freight.
    2. Without a final quality check, you could be sending incomplete loads to your customers, thereby damaging your relationship. 
    3. If you are currently weighing your loads on a platform scale, you are wasting 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes of expensive labor when moving a load from the stretch wrapper to a scale.

    The EZ Weigh™ is your opportunity to save money, protect your brand and increase productivity. Because the scale is built into the stretch wrapper, it requires no additional time, work or space to weigh loads. 

    EZ Weigh Side-by-side (short version)

    Everyday problems the EZ Weigh helps you solve. 


    Freight Fines

    • Less-than-truck load companies collect $1 billion annually in re-weigh fines.
    • Only pay what you owe.
    • Accurate weight from scale helps calculate correct freight costs.

    Stop Wasting Expensive Labor

    • The EZ Weigh™ wraps and weighs your load at the same time.
    • Save between 30 seconds and 1.5 minutes from not double handling loads.

    Protect Your Reputation

    • Weigh loads as the final step in your quality control process. 
    • Verify the pick list weight against the weight measured from the scale.
    • Use records of weight to verify product arrived intact without pilferage.

    Design Benefits of the EZ WeighIntegrated Scale

    • The low-profile design uses the same footprint as the standard Q Semi.
    • The scale is calibrated at our factory before shipment.
    • New technology allows operators to use a smartphone app to send and receive scale data via a wireless module to and from the scale indicator.
    • Sloped skirt protects load cells from being damaged by the forks of a forklift or pallet jack.
    QL400XT EZ Weight_red bucket load_3.29.2018

    The EZ Weigh is only available on the Lantech
    Q Semi-Automatic stretch wrapper.

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