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    Stretch Wrappers 

    Ready to replace or add a wrapper? Here's a list of updates that might be new since your last one.

    What People Are Buying

    You can’t go wrong buying any Lantech stretch wrapper. We promise.

    But if you’re considering just a basic model, don’t overlook the opportunity to get more value from it by adding productivity enhancing or cost reducing features.

    Here are some of the top choices our customers make. They provide returns on investments that far exceed their costs.

    Click on the links for more information about each machine or you can compare them side by side on our machine comparison page. Feel free to call us (502-815-9108) or email us if you have any questions.

    Our stretch wrapping specialists, who aren’t salespeople by the way, will be happy to help you configure a machine to meet your exact requirements.

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    Auto Film Cut-off™ - Get Rid of a Huge Time Waster

    Automatically cuts the stretch film at the end of the wrap cycle, improving productivity and providing ergonomic benefits. Saves about 30 seconds of operator labor per load and eliminates unnecessary bending by the operator to cut the film web. If you’re wrapping 50 loads a day and paying your operators $12 an hour, you’ll get a payback in about eight months.

    Lots of manual work is often done around stretch wrappers: stacking loads on pallets, adding top sheets or corner boards to
    loads, applying labels to loads, securing uneven top layers, etc.

    This means lots of things to keep track of and lots of potential to make mistakes.

    Relieving operators of the requirement to cut the stretch film not only saves time, labor and money – it also gives machine operators one less thing to do which is one less way to make a mistake.

    Stack the odds of success in your favor by giving your operators the best tool possible with inexpensive features like the Auto Film Cut-off.

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    Simple Automation™ - The Affordable Way to Keep Your Drivers on Their Forklifts

    Cost-conscious and productivity-minded customers often move up from basic stretch wrappers to our Q-300XT, Q-400XT, Q-300XT Plus or S-300XT models

    The patented XT Cut and Clamp® 5.0 on these machines catches and cuts the stretch film at the end of the wrap cycle, eliminating the requirement for operators to dismount their forklifts to attach film to the load, start the wrap cycle, and cut the film at the wrap cycle’s completion.

    These machines eliminate an average of two minutes of wasted operator labor per load and reduce the risk of operator injury from dismounting and mounting forklifts. They also eliminate bending and twisting from attaching or cutting stretch film as part of the stretch wrapping process.

    If you wrap 50 loads a day and pay your operators $12 an hour, you’ll get a payback in less than a year!

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    EZ Weigh™ Integrated Scale – Stretch Wrap and Weigh Your Loads at the Same Time

    This scale is built into the stretch wrapper and saves about one and a half minutes of labor per load versus wrapping first and then weighing on a separate platform scale. If you’re wrapping 50 loads a day any paying your operators $12 an hour, you’ll get a two year payback on this investment.

    Lots of customers buy this scale to avoid fines and penalties from reporting inaccurate weighs on LTL load shipments or to implement quality control check based on the weights of their pallets.

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    CFT™-6 – Know You’re Wrapping Right

    This is a fast, easy, and non-destructive way to check the quality of your stretch wrapping.

    Having enough containment force on the load is the best predictor of its arrival at its destination in the same condition that it shipped. And that’s what the CFT-6 helps you know. CFT stands for containment force tool – get it? 

    If you don’t know how much containment force your loads should have, check our simple guidelines.

    Everyone who wraps should use CFT-6 to periodically check to make sure they’re wrapping within safe containment force values.

    Don’t disappoint your customers by having loads that fall apart during shipment.

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    Pallet Grip® – A Stretch Wrapping “Must Have!”

    If your load isn’t properly bonded or “locked” to its pallet, it can slide off and be damaged during shipment. Stretch wrapping all the way down to the bottom of the pallet isn’t enough. Puncture holes in the film – caused by the forks of a forklift or pallet jack – may spread up the load and jeopardize the holding force of the film.

    Pallet Grip rolls the bottom 3-5 inches of the stretch film web into a tight film cable during the last seconds of the wrap cycle. The cable is placed (driven down) just below the top boards of the pallet, low enough to lock the load yet high enough to avoid the forks from pallet jacks or lift trucks.

    Saving just one load from being damaged and winding up in a landfill more than pays for the small cost of Pallet Grip. It’s cheap stretch wrapping insurance.

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