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    Stretch Wrappers

    Common Options

    Lantech stretch wrappers are available with thousands of options - all tested, documented and backed with technical support and spare parts availability. It’s likely that your complicated application has already been done. 

    You Might Not Know to Ask

    When purchasing a stretch wrapper repeating your last machine and package might not be the best solution. Over the years your requirements may have changed, and on top of that, technology is always improving.

    So when considering options group them loosely as:

    • Known and necessary - if you’re loading a turntable pallet wrapper with a pallet jack you’re going to need a ramp
    • Known but not required - you may elect to pay overweight surcharges from LTL carriers or separately weigh pallets after wrapping but the integrated scale option allows you to “wrap and weigh” at the same time and could save a bunch of money and time
    • Unknown - these range from simple (like creating film cables automatically to lock loads to pallets) to complex (like turntables to orient single entry pallets for pick-up according to your plant layout)

    As a rule of thumb, the more detailed the conversation about your environment and requirements, the more likely we’ll be able to help suggest options that we’ve seen help in applications like yours in the past.

    Common categories of options include:

    • Efficiency and convenience - automatic film cut and clamp modules coupled with a remote start help to keep your forklift drivers safely in their seats moving loads instead of wasting time and money by dismounting and operating the stretch wrapper manually
    • Speed - paired machines, enhanced models and staging for entering and exiting pallets
    • Automation - to exchange data with an ERP or WMS, label, or check-weigh system
    • Environment and load - cold, wet, dusty, corrosive, heavy, unstable
    • Film - different roll widths, thickness
    • Data and controls - machines that set themselves up for common load types

    Our application specialists are always available to talk through your application to make suggestions about common and specific options.

    Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide

    Download the Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide

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