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    Digging into the "Nitty Gritty" Details of

    Selecting a Stretch Wrapper

    Selecting a Stretch WrapperEver buy a machine and then afterwards wish you’d known about some critical capability beforehand? Or do you think evaluating a machine requires a bit of grease under the fingernails?

    We’re with you. We’re tinkerers and machine builders at heart and we understand why you want the details.

    We lay out general options here, the tech specs here, and compare models side by side here, but this page is devoted to helping you understand the options and considerations that you might not know about otherwise.

    Transaction details

    • What’s a machine cost? Check out our budget page.
    • Where are they made? Louisville, KY.
    • What’s the lead time? Typically 2-4 weeks since we build machines to order. If time is critical, we may be able to help, and our local distributor partner may have one on the floor around the corner from you.
    • Do I buy direct? We sell through local distribution partners.

    Ongoing support and maintenance

    • I heard you use proprietary parts. That’s true. We use a few. Since we’ve built and installed 70,000 machines we’ve learned what goes wrong. So while we use common off the shelf parts as much as possible (for instance we’re a big customer of Baldor motors, and they're one of our customers too), a few parts like our film delivery system rollers and operator control panels are proprietary.
    • Are those proprietary parts expensive? They cost us a bit more but that’s part of the quality we build in. For our customers, it typically makes no difference because they’re built to our specs and don’t fail, and because most of our machines (all the semi-automatic turntable wrappers) are covered by an unlimited cycles FIVE YEAR warranty. Get all the details here.
    • What’s the maintenance requirement? With most of our semi-automatic there is no routine preventive maintenance.

    What are common options?

    Do I have to buy them with the machine? We offer a lot of retrofittable upgrades, so many machines can be field adapted. But most are less expensive when built into the wrapper originally. So if your requirements suddenly change, then our flexible retrofits will be a great resource for you, but if you think you might need a bit more, then it’s usually better to order it when you buy the machine.

    What are more options that you might consider?

    • Pallet Grip® - it creates a strong film cable that bonds the load to the pallet to keep it from sliding off during shipment. 
    • EZ Weigh Integrated Scale - weighing loads before shipment can help eliminate fines associated with LTL shipments and can be a measure for quality control. Wrapping and weighing at the same time eliminate the double handling associated with using a separate scale.

    For more details on the drives, controllers, bearings, pre-stretch options all the other details, check out our technical reference page.

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