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    XT Cut and Clamp®

    A Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Exclusive

    Keep your diver on the forklift with the XT Cut and Clamp®!


    The XT Cut and Clamp® and the end of the wrap cycle. The XT then holds the film and attaches it to the next load. When using the XT, your drivers can stay on their forklift as the load is wrapped, giving them the opportunity to do something more productive and return to a load that is ready to be picked up.

    The XT Cut and Clamp Clamp® can help:

    • Reduce labor costs.
    • Reduce potential employee injury.
    • Increase productivity.

    Increase productivity by adding simple automation to your
    semi-automatic stretch wrapper.

    Operators who are using forklifts to transport loads to and from the stretch wrapper must dismount to start the wrap cycle, then remount the forklift to take the wrapped load away. If following all necessary safety measures, this 21 step process can take up to two minutes. What's worse is that most operators stand next to the machine, doing nothing, as the load is being wrapped - adding another two minutes of unproductive time.

    The XT Cut and Clamp can save about two minutes of labor per load by keeping drivers on their forklifts. Two minutes may not sound like a lot, but for a company wrapping 80 loads a day and paying their employees $15 per hour, those two minutes account for about $10,000* annually (it only costs about $5,000 to add the XT Cut and Clamp to a semi-automatic stretch wrapper). Over a 7 year economic life of the machine, that is a savings of almost $70,000!

    *80 loads/day x 2 minutes = 160 minutes/60 = 2.667 hours x $15 = $40 x 250 working days in a year = $10,000


    The XT Cut and Clamp® is exclusively on Lantech semi-automatic stretch wrappers.


    Reduce Labor Costs

    • Labor required per load is reduced by an average of 2 minutes for most users.
    • Typical customers save about $70,000 in 7 years.

    Reduce Employee Injury

    • Repetitive pulling and bending to attach or cut film can increase the risk of back injuries.
    • Getting on and off the forklift multiple times can increase the likelihood of injury to the foot and ankle.

    Increase Productivity

    • Let the machine do the work so people don't have to.
    • Instead of standing next to the machine as it wraps, operators can perform other tasks like collecting another load or loading a truck.

    Design benefits of the XT Cut and Clamp®.

    • Completely mechanical - requires no air or electricity.
    • Steel frame protects internal components from damage.
    • Internal components only come out of the steel frame when activated.
    • Mounted on the side of the turntable for greater visibility.
    • Easy to clean.

    XT Cut and Clamp unit on stretch wrapper

    XT Cut and Clamp® 5.0 is only available on Lantech semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

    Q and S-1


    Lantech offers two different styles of semi-automatic stretch wrappers that can be customized with hundreds of options to fit any application.

    • Q Semi-Automatic - turntable style stretch wrappers, that can accommodate most load types.
    • S Semi-Automatic - straddle stretch wrappers for lightweight, heavy, tall or unstable loads.

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