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    Load Seeking Clamp® 4.0

    A LeanWrap® Feature

    A film clamp designed to optimize your stretch wrapping processes!


    The Load Seeking Clamp's® unique bladder design and load seeking operation play a key role in effective stretch wrapping and helps keep your line up and running.

    The Load Seeking Clamp® 4.0:

    • Minimizes downtime from film pulling out of the clamp.
    • Allows for consistent containment force from the bottom to the top of the load.
    • Eliminates long and dragging film tails that can be caught in downstream equipment.

    Improve uptime, wrap quality & reduce film breaks.

    About 25% of all film breaks happen at the clamp. The strong acceleration at the beginning of the cycle can cause film to pull out of the clamp, leading to downtime. When film breaks happen, operators will often reduce the wrap force as a solution. This leads to ineffectively wrapped loads and a higher probability of product damage during shipment.

    The bladder style clamp holds film 3x stronger by grabbing the film on both sides, drastically reducing the risk of film pulling out at the start of the cycle.

    The Load Seeking Clamp® also moves out to the base of the load, controlling the leading film tail and providing a tighter base wrap for more consistent wrap performance. At the end of a cycle, the clamp retracts, the arm raises and inserts the film securely into the clamp for the next load. The wipe down loops then secure the ending film tail to the load.

    S Automatic - Maintain Maximum Containment Force

    Load Seeking Clamp® 4.0 is exclusively on the L Series automatic stretch wrapping equipment!


    Reduce Downtime

    • 3x the holding force than other clamps.
    • Reduces film pull-outs.
    • Film web and rope are positively inserted between pneumatic gripping bladders.

    Consistent Containment Force

    • Eliminates film tenting (caused by stationary film clamps) at the base of the load that leads to low containment force.
    • Eliminates film tails.
    • Wrap cycle starts with high force and captures the leading edge of the load.

    Safe and Intuitive

    • Inflatable pneumatic bladder allows film to be easily reattached.
    • Components are away from the path of the operator.
    • No sharp objects.

    Load Seeking Clamp® is only available on Lantech L Series automatic stretch wrapping equipment


    L Series stretch wrappers are equipped with our exclusive LeanWrap® technology. This technology helps our customers wrap their product loads better at the lowest cost while dramatically reducing the risk of damage during shipment.

    • RLA - ring style stretch wrapper for ultra high volume, up to 180 loads per hour. Add Auto Roll Change for increase productivity!
    • SLA - straddle style stretch wrappers for medium to high volume, up to 100 loads per hour.
    • QLA - turntable style stretch wrappers for low to medium volume, up to 70 loads per hour.

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