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LeanWrap® Technology

Semi-Automatic and Automatic Stretch Wrappers

This is our brand name for the new technologies and innovations we develop that are entirely focused on delivering safe-to-ship loads.

LeanWrap® Technology is the fusion of two powerful forces:

  • What we know and continue to research in the world of stretch wrapping
  • How we think and continue to grow in the world of Lean


Here are some of our exclusive LeanWrap innovations:

Metered Film Delivery® - this is the latest advancement in film delivery system technology. Metered film delivery systems significantly reduce film breaks, load twisting, and load crushing. It also delivers significantly more film tension per revolution of film of which enables customers to maintain their current level of containment force at a lower film cost or increase their level of containment force while maintaining their current film cost.

Pallet Grip® - locks the load to pallet to prevent it from sliding off during transit. Pallet Grip rolls the bottom of the film web into a tight cable and drives the cable down onto the pallet, about an inch below pallet’s deck boards. This keeps the cable out of the way of the forks of a pallet jack or forklift when they pick up the load.

Load Seeking Clamp® 4.0 - this innovative film clamp moves out to the edge of the load at the beginning of the wrap cycle to attach the film, as opposed to a stationary film clamp. A stationary film clamp is usually located on the edge of the wrap zone conveyor. when the wrap cycle starts the film is wrapped around the clamp, not against the load. This can cause a "tenting" effect which reduces containment force at the bottom of the load. Because the Load Seeking Clamp moves out to the load as the wrap cycle starts there is no tenting of the film. The Load Seeking Clamp also ensures the leading film tail is captured by subsequent layers of film. And it has three times the holding force of conventional film clamps and is engineered specifically to reduce film breaks or pull-outs at the clamp, both of which can be a significant source of stretch wrapper downtime.

XT Cut and Clamp® 5.0 - this is our latest generation of cut and clamp technology for semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Its robust design protects the module from being damaged and is unique because it doesn't require hot wires or air to cut the film. The XT Cut and Clamp significantly reduces the labor cost of stretch wrapping in lower volume operations.

Load Guardian™ 2.0 - intelligent wrap setup is finally here. Load Guardian dramatically reduces operator skill needed to effectively stretch wrap loads. Instead of having to select from as many as 12 machine setup choices, the operator merely enters the load characteristics on an intuitive touch screen and Load Guardian determines the settings for a safe-to-ship load. If operators can use an app on a smartphone, they can use Load Guardian.

Containment Force Tool™ 6 - commonly known as the CFT-6, this is our patented tool used to measure containment force. It provides fast, consistent, and nondestructive measurements of containment force on pallet loads.

LeanWrap is more than a series of machine features. It’s a philosophy based on going to the place where the work is done and getting a first-hand understanding of the problems confronting our customers. It’s the cornerstone of how we create value.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide

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