Two Basic Types of Stretch Wrappers

Straddle Stretch Wrappers

These use a wrap arm to rotate film around a stationary pallet.

Turntable Stretch Wrappers

These rotate the pallet while the film moves up and down the mast.

Finding the Right Wrapper Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

In fact, sometimes there are several appropriate solutions. But selecting at random, even just getting “another one like the last one”, skips some steps that we know from experience are important.

Some things to consider:

  • Load (pallet size and types, weights, dimensions, product, shipping considerations)
  • Production environment (temperature, moisture, pallets per hour, loading and unloading, film thickness, forecasts for growth)
  • Other related processes (weighing, labeling, tracking)

Questions to help gradually exclude machines:

  • Is a turntable or straddle machine best? Or does it matter?
  • Do speed or line requirements dictate efficient loading, unloading, starting and stopping?
  • Will the machine exchange data with other factory or warehouse systems?

Further refine machine selection and options:

  • How might conveyor sections improve efficiency?
  • What’s the benefit of weighing a load in-line?
  • Does your company give operators control, or do they prefer to lock down the controls and rely on the machines to optimize wrapping?

80/20 decisions to be made:

  • If you normally wrap about 25 loads per hour but during peak shipping hours in the afternoon, production doubles, that’s important.
  • If most of your loads are 40″x 48″ pallets and are 60″ tall, but one customer requires you to wrap a 96″ tall load, that’s critical.
  • If 20% of your shipments are non-standard loads that each require weighing to ensure accurate paperwork, that can introduce even more choices.

Load Considerations

Size of the Load

Length, width & height of your loads all impact what machine you need. Height is one of the most common considerations we see. Standard wrappers handle loads up to 80″ tall. But some stretch wrappers have options to wrap loads up to 140″ tall.

Turntables start at 65″ in diameter (which encompass standard 40″ x 48″ pallets within its perimeter – a huge safety factor) and go up to 96″ in diameter to handle larger loads.

Stability and Weight of the Load

If loads are really heavy, light, or unstable, it makes more sense to keep the load stationary and rotate the stretch film around it. These machines are called straddle wrappers. Most pallets, however, are wrapped on turntable machines which rotate the pallet while the film is applied. Turntable and straddle wrappers come in various sizes to accommodate different sizes of load perimeters.

Forklifts vs. Pallet Jacks

If you have to load the machine with a pallet jack, then you could use a straddle type stretch wrapper that will keep the load on the floor, or add a ramp to a turntable machine.

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