New Premises Give Lantech Room for Growth and Ambition

Posted by Bob Lemmen

Lantech recently began developing, assembling and marketing its modern packaging machines from new premises on Sluisweg in Malden. “Having been based in Cuijk for 25 years, this forward-looking step allows us room for growth and ambition,” says Bob Lemmen from Lantech to explain the relocation.

Packonline-verhuizing-696-1He believes that from a logistical perspective the property offers a great advantage. Bob Lemmen: “The entire complex provides room for all departments to coordinate with each other. The hall is divided into two segments, the office area is slightly bigger, and we have been able to establish our own logistics flow. Another aspect certainly worth mentioning is that there is better access from the motorway and we still have room to expand further.”

Packonline-verhuizing-696-3In the new premises, Lantech has created the space and facilities to achieve further growth. There are currently 150 staff working at the site, and Bob Lemmen expects they will need even more staff in the near future. “Our staff works hard every day to simplify and optimize the packing of our customers’ end products,” Bob Lemmen points out proudly.


Over the years, Lantech has grown rapidly and, using important innovations, has made major improvements to case erectors, case packers, packaging units, case sealers, tray erectors, lid applicators, stacking edge closers and pallet wrappers. Bob Lemmen: “By applying the ‘lean’ concept we can also respond quickly and we supply around a thousand machines a year from Malden.”

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According to Bob Lemmen, the fact that customers keep coming back shows that the sector has faith in suppliers like Lantech. “We follow the market closely and look into what customers want, what they are looking for and how they can get the best return from their investment. We are on the right path and we will continue in this direction.”


With over 45 years’ experience, Lantech is therefore at the center of the market and it responds strongly to trends in the packaging sector. Furthermore, in spite of its growth, Lantech still has a family-business atmosphere. “We are still a flat organisation, we create the space for our staff to contribute ideas and we provide opportunities for training and continued education. People are happy to be here. Respect, a good atmosphere and hard work are our pillars,” Bob Lemmen concludes positively.

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This post was published on August 14, 2018 and updated on August 14, 2018.

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